Taming the Sun in Garden Photos

Diffuser held over geraniums to cast an open shadow.

By Mark Turner

If I had my preference, and a direct line to the Sun God, I’d order “cloudy bright” or “early morning” or “approaching twilight” for every garden photography job. Soft light is flattering to most subjects, but particularly to plants and gardens. Unfortunately, I can’t control the weather. That means I’m often forced into having to work in less than ideal light. Continue reading “Taming the Sun in Garden Photos”

¡Primeriza en la convención desvanece sus temores con ‘momentos brillantes’!

Anelle posa para un selfie junto a Brie Gluvna Arthur. (Foto  cortesía de Brie Arthur)

Por Anelle Ammons

¿Alguna vez has estado en una conferencia o convención, por vez primera, con la inseguridad sobre cómo funciona todo, y sin siquiera conocer a alguien en el evento? Yo sí. Y muchas veces. Admito que me cansé de todo lo que conllevaba asistir a una conferencia organizada por una asociación y en donde sólo conocía a unas pocas personas. Esto que te cuento era 100 por ciento cierto al momento que empecé a planificar mi viaje a #GWA2017. Afortunadamente, para mí, mi grupo de apoyo fue más ‘inteligente’ que yo, y me convenció para que me aventurara a esta nueva ‘expedición’.
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There are no stupid questions…

WOSU Chadwick 5-10-13 Chris Voise took crop.jpg

By Debra Knapke

Since 1997 I have been on the “hotseat” on radio shows where I’m the garden expert waiting to answer your questions. I am armed with a pen and a dwindling pad of paper that has served me for the last seven of those years. I started with Tom Wieble, host of Green Scene – WOSU 89.7 – on Friday evenings. I initially was just the plant person, but now I field questions on all-things-garden when I am on All Sides with Ann Fisher on 89.7 NPR Radio News. Continue reading “There are no stupid questions…”

A “new bee’s” fears fade one sparkly moment at a time!

Anelle poses for a selfie with Brie Gluvna Arthur. (Photo courtesy of Brie Arthur)

By Anelle Ammons

Have you been to a conference or trade show as a newcomer, unsure how everything works, not knowing anyone there? Me too. Several times. I admit I had become quite jaded about the entire concept of going to a conference put together by an organization in which I only knew a few people. This was 100% true when I started planning a trip to #GWA2017. Fortunately, for me, my support group was smarter than me, and talked me into making the trek.

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Raise Your Hand if You Are a Chicken-Owning Garden Communicator

Chickens In Straw.jpg

By Peggy Riccio

Recently I attended a conference about health communication, marketing, and media in Atlanta. Although I have been a garden communicator for more than 20 years, my day job is in a communications office at a federal government public health agency. My employer had sent me to this three-day conference which focused on social marketing campaigns for public health, such as smoking cessation. As always, as I listened to the speakers I translated the messages (in my head) in terms of garden communications. One particular session, “The Power of Online Influencers,” really inspired me and changed my paradigm of garden communicators. Continue reading “Raise Your Hand if You Are a Chicken-Owning Garden Communicator”

GWA 2017: Snapshots from Buffalo

Buffalo Watkins 2017 GWA Writer pics (25).jpg
By Ann McCormick

This year’s GWA conference was a rousing success with nearly 350 attendees. The weather was fine and the natives were very friendly. A big thank you to the local arrangements committee, our leadership, and even the Hyatt Regency hotel manager who sprang for a complimentary breakfast Sunday morning. Here are some quick shots from C. L. Fornari, Teresa Watkins, Kathy Jentz, and Ann McCormick to give you just a taste of what went on. Continue reading “GWA 2017: Snapshots from Buffalo”