Defuse Those Photobombs: 10 Tips for Photographing Gardens Full of People

Battersby 12.jpg

By Helen Battersby

You can’t always get what you want – especially if you’re a photographer in a garden packed with people. If it’s a GWA garden tour, it’s likely those people are other garden writers who want the same shots as you. But don’t fret. Defuse those photo bombs, and you might just get what you need. Continue reading “Defuse Those Photobombs: 10 Tips for Photographing Gardens Full of People”

A Garden Writer’s Identity Crisis—I was embarrassed to say what I did

Mackey Green Ribbons

By Mary-Kate Mackey

“So, what kind of writing do you do?”

A few years ago, I was attending my first American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA) conference in New York. My fellow journalist had just asked the question I dreaded. She and I were sorting through a box of colorful ribbons that could be added to our name tags, describing various types of writing. Mine was not among them. I looked down at the patterned hotel carpet and mumbled, “I’m a garden writer.”

And the inevitable question came back, “What’s that?” Continue reading “A Garden Writer’s Identity Crisis—I was embarrassed to say what I did”

GWA at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show

Munts NW Flower Show01

By Pat Munts

The winter this year in Eastern Washington has been long and hard. The snow started early in December. As we approached the end of February, it was still here and still coming down. Beyond the semicircle of bare pavement in front of my garage is a foot of snow and slippery ice, burying everything. I am trapped in my little circle of bare concrete, desperately needing to get out in the garden and see green plants and warm dirt! Continue reading “GWA at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show”

GWA at NYBG’s Orchid Show

Brown NYBG 1a

By Kirk Brown

Reasons to join GWA are spread like a blanket of snow across the United States in January and February! Connect meetings are happening all over the country at a variety of venues and international events.

On Thursday February 16, 2017 the sun wasn’t out but the temperature was pushing into the middle 50’s as Sara and I drove across the George Washington Bridge to attend the press preview of “The Orchid Show: Thailand” at the New York Botanical Garden. This year’s theme was dedicated to the kaleidoscopic array of species native to and cultivated in Thailand. Continue reading “GWA at NYBG’s Orchid Show”

Drums for the Doldrums


By Steven Biggs

As I walked my youngest son, Keaton, to the local drum shop to sign up for lessons I thought, “The noise will drive me bonkers.” He was already whacking a big bongo drum and shaking maracas as I filled out a form and paid.

Sitting outside the studio for the first couple of drum lessons, I thought, “Wow, that’s loud.” But I also caught my feet and hands moving to the beat. Not long after that I took my kids, Keaton, Quinn, and Emma, to a drum workshop to fuel Keaton’s excitement. I also came home with drums on the brain. All that talk of texture, layers, and colour really intrigued me. Continue reading “Drums for the Doldrums”

GWA Visits Botanical Treasures in Fort Worth


By Shelley Cramm

Oklahoma and North Texas area GWA members and their guests recently enjoyed an engaging and informative afternoon January 27 at the Botanic Research Institute of Texas (BRIT) in Fort Worth. The program was overflowing with inspiration, from the landscape artistry of local painter Rebecca Zook to presentations by speakers from the North Texas area. Touring the marvelous herbarium and libraries at BRIT was the heart of the afternoon. This was followed with connections and conversations among area GWA members, artists, horticulturists, scientists, editors, landscape designers, and writers. And in true GWA tradition, attendees were sent home with foliage and floral display for their gardens, courtesy of Plant Development Services. Continue reading “GWA Visits Botanical Treasures in Fort Worth”

A Day at NCNLA Green and Growin’ 17!

Ammons header shot.jpg

By Anelle Ammons

Thursdays are busy days for me. I get up, get my kids to their respective schools, and try to get a little sanity before picking them both up again later. However, I also like to spice things up when I see an opportunity. So this January, after a small snafu with my babysitter, I was able to slip away by 12:30 and head to North Carolina Nursery & Landscape Association’s Green and Growin’ 17 in Greensboro, North Carolina. Continue reading “A Day at NCNLA Green and Growin’ 17!”