Looking For New Markets? Look Into Adaptive Gardening

o4Rrcl9g.jpegBy Duane Pancoast

The graying of America has been taking place for decades, According to Scientific American magazine, the ratio of workers to retirees was 4.6 in 2014 and is projected to be only 1.9 by 2100. These figures, called the Potential Support Ratio, were calculated by dividing the number of people 20-64 years old by those 65 and older. Continue reading “Looking For New Markets? Look Into Adaptive Gardening”

GWA Membership Key to Marketing Efforts


By Anthony Tesselaar

Our company, Anthony Tesselaar Plants, has been involved with the Garden Writers Association since 1995 when I was asked to give a presentation on “The Impact of Global Trends on Home Gardening.” Earlier that year, we introduced the Flower Carpet Rose to the American public, and we’ve continued to be members of the organization ever since, attending or exhibiting ever second or third year—or when we introduce new plants. Our membership is key to our marketing efforts, in part because GWA members are the folks we often depend on to help promote our products. Continue reading “GWA Membership Key to Marketing Efforts”

What Goes on at Regional Meetings


By Peggy Riccio

About 13 GWA members attended the Frederick, MD, GWA regional meeting on Saturday June 9. Planned by Denise Schreiber, Region II Director, with assistance on last minute changes from Kathy Jentz, National Director, this day was chocked full of beautiful gardens, nurseries, and an entertaining lunch. We started early at Tina Flook’s Edgewood Garden, which is actually a 15-acre property, some of it forested. The home was built in 1986 and Tina, who admitted to no formal training, created a series of enchanting small gardens with peacocks roaming around and a large chicken coop nearby. There were so many inspirational design pieces that it felt like we were darted to and from taking photos and reconnecting with fellow GWA members. Continue reading “What Goes on at Regional Meetings”

Guerilla Marketing for Garden Writers

HeaderPhoto_previewBy Kathy Jentz

Whenever I go to a networking event with fellow solopreneurs, small business owners, or horticultural professionals, the topic of free and/or cheap marketing ideas comes up, and I ask them if they have read any of the “Guerilla Marketing” line of books.  Almost no one has – nor have they even heard of these invaluable books! So, I thought I’d tell you why you need to run out now get at least one of this series of books written by Jay Levinson. I think they will entirely change the way you do business. Continue reading “Guerilla Marketing for Garden Writers”

Being a Successful Podcast or Radio Guest

Header.pngBy C.L. Fornari

Spanish version available

In a previous post, Pitching Radio Programs and Podcasts, I gave some suggestions for proposing yourself as a guest for radio programs or podcasts. Once you’ve gotten an affirmative response, here are some tips on making the most of your time on the air. Continue reading “Being a Successful Podcast or Radio Guest”

Pitching Radio Programs and Podcasts

By C.L. Fornari

Spanish version available

There are many reasons a garden communicator might be interested in being on the radio or a podcast. You might be the author of a new book or the manufacturer of a product that you want to promote. Perhaps you’re looking to strengthen your brand as an expert in the field of gardens and gardening. Or maybe you have a great horticultural idea you’d like to share with the public. Continue reading “Pitching Radio Programs and Podcasts”